X’LIFE Polyphenol & Chitosan Drink

X’LIFE Polyphenol & Chitosan Drink

Product information

X’Life Polyphenol & Chitosan aids in the development and sustenance of healthy bones and joints.

Chitosan functions like glucosamine in providing support for joints.  Glucosamine is a key component of joint fluid and cartilage in maintaining and sustaining healthy joints.   Most glucosamine supplements are made from shells of crustaceans.  Our Chitosan is derived from non-GMO corn.

X’Life Polyphenol is made from organically farmed whole green lemon (seed, juice and peel), using leading patented sugar-free fermentation technique.  Lemon polyphenol is rich in nutrients. It supports the development of bones and promotes bone density.

The combination of lemon polyphenols and chitosan is holistic in supporting the development of our bones and joints, and promoting their health.

Ingredients in X’Life Polyphenol & Chitosan are 100% natural and 100% plant-based.  There is no additive of any kind and no preservative.  Using apple juice as a natural sweetener, there is no added sugar in this product.   Therefore, this product is diabetes-friendly and it is suitable for vegetarians and for those who are allergic to shell fish.

Suggested Use:

Consume 10-30 ml, once a day, before or after meal.  Shake well before use.

For healthy bones and joints maintenance, 10ml daily is sufficient. For pain in bones or joints, consume 30 ml a day.

Once opened, keep refrigerated and consumed within 1 month.


·     Best to consume before meal.

·     If experiencing more pain in bones or joints e.g. after a strenuous workout, hiking or

trekking, you can consume another intake for the day.


·     Do not consume before sleep.

·     If pregnant or nursing a baby, consult your healthcare practitioner before using this  product

Product ingredients: Water, non-GMO corn baking powder, fermented lemon extract, Vitamin C, concentrated apple juice

Shelf life: 24 months (unopened and kept in normal condition)

Storage: Keep in room temperature for unopened product. Avoid high temperature and direct  sunlight. Refrigerate after opening 

Place of Origin: Taiwan



Serving Size: 15 ml



Per Serving


5.4 kcal


0 g


0 g

Saturated fat

0 g

Trans fat

0 g


1.4 g


0.1 g


0 mg