X’LIFE Polyphenol Brew Drink (Powder)

X’LIFE Polyphenol Brew Drink (Powder)

100% natural lemon polyphenol fermented using German patented sugar-free fermentation technology.  100% pure lemon extracts, with no additives and no preservative.We do not use any chemical additives to bring you this pure, natural lemon polyphenol to ensure all its nutrients stay   natural   and   wholesome   without   any   harmful elements to our body. This is our promise.

Product information

X’Life Polyphenol uses top grade green lemons from Taiwan, grown without pesticides using  organic farming practices.  In the sugar-free fermentation, the whole lemon is used – from seed, juice to peel.

Fermentation and manufacture processes are strictly regulated without additive and without preservative.

As the whole lemon is used in the fermentation, X’Life Polyphenol is packed with more nutrients and bio-flavonoids as compare to other products using just lemon juice.  There is more SOD activity, total polyphenols, pectinase, oxygen free radical absorption capacity (ORAC) and free radical scavenging ability (DPPH).

1.   100% natural fruit fermentation, using fresh lemon and sugar-free. This is the most reassuring and natural polyphenol drink.

2.   Rich in nutrients - High content of SOD antioxidants, natural lemon's polyphenols, pectinase, Zinc, high anti-oxidant index (ORAC), anti-free              radicals     DPPH, citric acid, vitamin C and etc.

3.  Manufactured using leading patented technology from Germany comprising of patented bacterial fermentation technique and patented fermentation process, established by the research team of Biotechnology PhD from Germany and Research PhD from America Harvard Medical College.

4.  Products are manufactured and produced in a factory which has been certified by HACCP, ISO22000 and Halal certification, with strict regulation of food safety and quality control.

5.  The product has passed the international SGS / TUV certification testing for non-toxic  and harmless product, with data showing that this is a quality,   safe and healthy product.

6.  Multi award-winning innovation.

Innovation Awards

·    2014 Nuremberg, Germany Innovation Silver Award

·    2015 Seoul, Korean Innovation Gold Award

·    2015 Russia, Russian Innovation Gold Award (held in Seoul, South Korea)

·    2016 Taipei, Taiwan International Invention – Platinum Award

·    2017 Kuwait, International Invention Patent Technique Competition – 5 Gold Awards and

Champion Award

Suggested Use:

Mix one packet (5g) with 200~600ml of warm or hot water, stir well and it is ready to drink. Adjust the concentration according to your preference.  There can be a slight sourness with a sweet aftertaste.

This drink can be taken anytime, before or after meal but not before bedtime. It is pleasant to have this hot or warm drink in the morning with an empty stomach.


·   If there is stomach discomfort, do not consume before meal.

· For weak digestive system, it is advisable to consume after food and mix with lesser than 600ml of water for a more concentrated drink.


Do not consume an hour before sleep. The high level of natural polyphenols helps to elevate stamina and vitality which may affect sleep quality.

Product ingredients: 100% Lemon fermentation extract and maltodextrin

Shelf life: 36 months

Storage: Keep in cool, dry place. Avoid high temperatures and direct sunlight

Place of Origin: Taiwan